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Welcome to Childbirth Teacher!

I wanted to learn more about natural birth and wanted to undergo a normal delivery. Since I had no idea on what to expect and had a lot of unanswered questions, my husband and I enrolled in Rome's class. Her advice helped us to understand more about what to expect and how to react. Her reassurance gave us the courage to face the actual labor of giving birth. She became an "ate" to all of us in the class and each session became a bonding experience for the class but most especially for us soon-to-be parents. Rome helped us to prepare ourselves not only for the birth of our first born but also for the joys and trials of the days ahead...Thanks Rome!

- Nina Marie Tugaff

Childbirth is an exciting, wonderful and exhilirating experience. It demands physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual involvement. Of course, we could be talking about the baby. After all, it is the baby's arrival that everyone anticipates. Most couples have prepared by fixing up the nursery, completing the layette, buying an educational plan, etc. But let us not waver from the focus on the events and activities that lead to this arrival : CHILDBIRTH.

This website seeks to promote Childbirth Preparation and who is a better guide than the Childbirth Teacher With particular attention to the Filipino expectant couple contemplating either a hospital or home birth experience.

Services Offered
Child Preparation
Know how to cope with the stress of giving birth.
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Infant Massage
Learn more about infant massage through techniques.
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The Amazing Placenta
A few days after conception, the fertilized egg implants in the wall of the uterus and the cells begin to develop into various fetal organs including the placenta.
Quickening in Pregnancy
The moment a woman becomes aware or feels the movement of her baby she can either be excited or panic a little knowing there is really new life.
The Greatest Gift
If you want to give your baby a gift that will last a life time - the gift of a healthy start - you need to make plans and take action now even before you conceive.